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Sunday, 25 September 2011

Not Enough Time

If you've had a chance to look around my ever growing blog sites you can tell I love Playmobil. Building , decorating and dressing up the figures. I just love to create new things and I've found Playmobil such a wonderful and versatile toy.

When I was a child I had Lego! I loved Lego I loved it that much I desperately wanted to move onto Meccano so I could make things that moved and to make bigger buildings. It was not meant to be. As I grew up I discovered computers ahhh the ZX Spectrum...... and that was the end of my building phase. Now I rediscovered the yen to build bigger and better and I love it, but I've lost all my spare time.

There is just not enough time for it all. I'm often asked how do I manage it to create all this stuff so quickly. It's because I don't do anything else. I have become Playmobil obsessed.It's that bad I lie in bed thinking of new building designs and different ways of making things. I've become a junkie I can't get enough.

A friend recently asked if I could do some wallpapers for her, which I gladly said yes to, but the hours and hours I've spent doing it, looking for new designs making up the large image sheets adding borders, changing colours. Phew I'm so glad it's done now, it's just one of those jobs that seams to take forever to do, but I'm happy to do this for my friends. I thought I'd have finished my Tudor shops by now, all I've got to do is the signs, but as always it's a bigger job than I thought, I've had to paint the signs and make up my own pictures for it, even cut up a pig!

I've had some more great news, I've had several more commissions this week, including a royal carriage, a bridal shop, a new and improved Claridges and a chocolate shop as well as some custom figures. To which I've said yes of course because I DO love to do them, but I've also got the row of shops to finish, a Tudor tower to furnish  and decorate and furnish a Gothic horror mansion. Oh and sails for a ship. AHHHHHHHH........ will it never end? (I am laughing when I say this)

So as you can tell I'm usually working on half a dozen or more projects at once. Some times I finish several close together so I tend to take photos all at the same time. That way I can catch the good weather and save on time. This is why every now and again I can put lots of finished items on the blog altogether, not because I'm a superwoman and have had them all built in a week. (Oh I wish!) It's just good planning.

I still haven't finished putting up pictures of all my completed work, I have loads of photos to sort through and post and I like to tweak the blog every so often but there's NOT ENOUGH TIME!
So please forgive me when some weekends I've nothing to share, it's not because I haven't been working only I've not been working fast enough.

Oh and if your wondering how come I've had the time to write this, it's because I'm eating my dinner and waiting for my hair to dye at the same time. What can I say I'm a woman and I can multitask!

Before I forget there will be a few photos later today, I hate to disappoint my visitors.


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