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Medieval Cog Ship Thomas

The painting above is of King Edward's flagship the Cog Thomas, a medieval ship from around 1350. I wanted to try building a version of this ship from Playmobil while I was working on my large Castle. (Yes I've just realised my standard is the wrong way around!)


  1. The ship looks Great!!! My favorite theme are the Vikings, and I just started making a custom Anglo-Saxon theme.

  2. Hello from Chicago! I'm very impressed with your Medieval Cog. I have been contemplating also customizing a cog when I stumbled upon your excellent blog and particularly this cog page. I've long admired your work (on various sites) but I think that with this cog you've outdone yourself. I have worked out how to do a ready-for- battle "castle" on the foredeck and will also utilize a raised afterdeck as you have done. Recently I've been contemplating how the hull should appear andI I'm very impressed with your wet-look varnished appearance. In fact, I'd like to borrow it and a couple of your other ideas. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.